Development Services

As a Developer, Brisa provides an array of service to assist the Sponsor/Owner in the development of their property, Brisa can serve as an owner, co- owner or developer and may provide the following services as needed to ensure community development and re vitalization for each client :


Preliminary design and planning

  • –  Meet with client’s staff to establish program needs and goals
  • –  Establish preliminary budgets
  • –  Analysis of property zoning and regulatory environment
  • –  Formation of the development team (Architect, Contractor, Accountant, Legal Counsel)
  • –  Interface with the architect and other development team professionals
  • –  Review of construction drawings in anticipation of the local community review process


  • –  Development of various financial scenarios and sources of funding
  • –  Grant-writing
  • –  Creation of the following preliminary budgets: development, sources and uses, maintenance and operations, debt service analysis and cash flow projections
  • –  Securing of loan approvals and funding commitments
  • –  Bringing the project to an initial closing


  • –  Constructability reviews
  • –  Design of record keeping systems to track various funding sources
  • –  Review of bidders’ list of subcontractors
  • –  Regulatory Compliance
  • –  Interface with project attorneys and accountants to coordinate construction closings

Construction Phase

  • –  Project documentation and record keeping
  • –  Oversight and inspection services
  • –  Review and processing of payment applications
  • –  Interface with building management during marketing and rent-up procedures
  • –  Ongoing review of labor and equal opportunity requirements

Project Close-out

  • –  Interface with funding agencies and project attorneys for final loan closing
  • –  Project budget close-out
  • –  Oversee securing of all building certifications and approvals
  • –  Final budget close-out

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