Our Projects

Current Development Projects

Thomas and Lilly Keller Manor (TLK Manor) – 83 Units of Affordable Housing
for families, community facility   Bronx, New York – June 2016


Harry T. Nance Apts. – 67 Units of Affordable Housing
for families, Community Facility – Brooklyn, New York – Oct 2017


Ebenezer Plaza – 532 Units of Affordable Housing for families, Community
Facility, Commercial/ Retail – Brooklyn, New York – Dec 2017


Bishop Philius and Helen Nicolas Senior Residences -90 Units of Senior Housing, Community Facility

Brooklyn, New York – March 2018


Woodlawn Senior Living- 114 Units of Senior Housing, Community Facility

Bronx. New York – January 2019


Bethany Senior Homes- 74 units of Senior Housing, Community Facility

Brooklyn New York – January 2018


Current Construction Projects:

Borinquen- La Casa Nuestra – El Barrio’s Operation Fight back

56 Units- Y15 Renovations / Rehabilitation


Skipp to My Lilly LLC – BEC New Communities/Hudson Companies

195 Units- PLP Rehabilitation


314 Troutman – Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Council

Multi- Family  Gut Rehabilitation


NYCHA Kitchen Upgrades – Brooklyn, New York



Past Projects

St Paul Community Baptist Church
Janes United Methodist Church

Bridge Street Manor

Alvin Malcolm Senior Residence

David Chavis Houses

Kings County Senior Resident

Nehemiah Plan Homes

St Marks Houses

St Marks House Phrase II

Calvary Baptist Church Senior Housing

Rochester Avenue Houses

Linden & Grove Street

Saratoga Avenue Rehabilitation

St. Johns Haven Associates

St. Johns Apartments

Crown Heights Residence for Adults

Crown Heights Apartments

Churchill Houses

RiverRock Apartments

Vernon Avenue Housing for the Elderly

Shesbazzar Apartments

Housing 2000

Gibeon Gardens

Myrtle Vernon Willoughby


Satellite Construction Hospital Improvement

Goshen of Brooklyn

Gregene Houses

Sunset Heights

Bishop Henry B. Hucles Nursing Home

John Walter Edwards Senior Housing

Brownsville Multi-Service Family Center

Project Linkage

Bradhurst Redevelopment Phrase II

NEP West

Marcus Garvey Senior Housing

Mount Morris Plaza

A Kornegay Senior Housing for the Elderly

Bishop Richard B. Martin Senior Houses

Robert H. Moore Senior Housing

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